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Art Matters

Art Matters – A space for reflection and dialogue

Their Excellencies wished to create a space for reflection and dialogue that would be held in conjunction with ceremonies honouring and celebrating Canadian artistic talent. To reach this goal, Mr. Lafond launched a series of forums, entitled Art Matters, which provided unique opportunities to observe and discuss the challenges related to culture in our society.

Over 40 Art Matters forums were held at Rideau Hall and in communities across Canada and abroad, during regional and international visits, including:

  • June 2010, Kitchener: Creating art, creating communities
  • April 2010, Dakar (Senegal)
  • January 2010, Calgary: The Arts and Homelessness
  • November 2009, Ottawa: How is your writing "Canadian"?
  • April 2009, How do the arts sustain our communities?
  • March 2009, Ottawa: Igniting an electrifying and unifying atmosphere around the visual and media arts
  • February 2009, Toronto: How does our music look like us?
  • December 2008, Ottawa: A Passion for Reading
  • May 2008, Quebec City: The French language, the homeland of creation: How can a world of mobility and connections promote an equitable circulation of ideas and creators? How can we benefit from this drive to support the development of local creative spaces and international dialogue.
  • May 2008, Ottawa: The body's performance on stage and the influence of technologies
  • April 2008, Banff: Made in Canada: Arts as an essential resource
  • March 2008, Ottawa: Have Canadian visual and media arts fallen off the radar?
  • January 2008, Calgary: Art in an Economic Boom
  • July 2007, São Paulo: The arts and technology
  • May 2007, Fredericton
  • March 2007, Ottawa: The role of artists as “trailblazers” in a society with an ever-increasing number of virtual connections and distribution platforms
  • February 2007, Nova Scotia
  • January 2007, Calgary
  • December 2006, Ottawa
  • November 2006, Ottawa: Cinema and broadcasting