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Visits abroad

For most of the last century, and increasingly in recent decades, governors general have played an important role in relations between Canada and other countries by carrying out State visits abroad and by hosting many foreign heads of State on official visits to Canada. These visits allow the governor general to promote Canada, to strengthen existing international relations and to enrich ties in various sectors of Canadian life.

From 2005 to 2010, Her Excellency, The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean undertook over 40 official and state visits to 28 countries, including Afghanistan, ten countries of Africa—Algeria, South Africa, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Liberia, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cape Verde, Rwand—Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Haiti, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Norway, Croatia, Greece, Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. 

During State visits abroad, the governor general is always accompanied by a delegation of people representing every region of Canada, to provide the hosting country with a more comprehensive overview of our nation. The delegates represent various Canadian interests, achievements and areas of expertise.

Here is a list of the international visits conducted by Her Excellency, The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean over the course of her mandate.

Visits abroad


September 2005

  • United Kingdom, meeting with Her Majesty, prior to installation.

October 2005

  • France, participation, Juno beach, with Indigenous delegation.


February 2006

  • Italy (official visit and Winter Olympics)
  • Vatican (official visit)       

March 2006

  • Chile (presidential inauguration)   

May 2006

  • Haiti (presidential inauguration

July 2006

  • Italy (Honorary doctorate – University of Perugia) 

November, December, 2006

  • Algeria (State visit) 
  • Mali (State visit
  • Ghana (State visit
  • South Africa (State visit
  • Morocco (official visit


March 2007

  • Afghanistan (mission)

July 2007

  • Brazil (State visit

October 2007

  • Czech Republic (State visit

December 2007

  • Argentina (presidential inauguration


May 2008

  • France (official visit

November, December, 2008

  • Hungary (State visit)
  • Slovakia (State visit)
  • Czech Republic (State visit)
  • Slovenia (short visit) 


January 2009

  • Haiti (work visit) 

March 2009

  • Liberia (work visit

April 2009

  • Ukraine (State visit
  • Norway  (State visit)

October 2009

  • France (presenting at UNESCO) 
  • Slovenia (official visit
  • Croatia (State visit)
  • Greece (State visit

December 2009

  • Mexico (State visit)
  • Guatemala (State visit)
  • Costa Rica (State visit


March 2010

  • Haiti (work visit
  • Dominican Republic (official visit

April 2010

  • Senegal (State visit)
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (State visit)
  • Rwanda (State visit)
  • Cape Verde (official visit)

June, July, 2010

  • China (official visit
  • France, participation to the Journées du réseau français dans le monde, in Paris

September 2010

  • Mexico (Bicentennial)